Turkish Language in the app

As @Tactical indicated, AntennaPod is developed and translated by volunteers. Everyone working on AntennaPod is doing so in their free time. If the Turkish translation is not completed, it means that from the people using AntennaPod in Turkish, no one found it important enough that they spent their free time on translating AntennaPod. However, if you think that completing the translation is important, you are warmly invited to join the AntennaPod volunteer community and complete the translation. @Tactical already posted the link.

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As you can see, although the Turkish translation is finished, the application is still in English, solve this error I translated 100 English translations into Turkish.

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As you can see, although the Turkish translation is finished, the application is still in English, solve this error I translated 100 English translations into Turkish.

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Although I use the Turkish language, it is still in English

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I supposed it is been translated recently and translation as not be pulled? And even when translation is updated you still have to wait for a new version.

I agree that it can be frustrating as it could take some time but as ByteHamster pointed out remember that there is only volunteers helping / developing AntennaPod when they can. It can’t be expected what one would from people being paid for developing full time.

As a side note please refrain from creating multiple post for the same thing. :pray:


It seems that this it not the case. I just briefly checked, and all strings were already translated before January this year: https://app.transifex.com/antennapod/antennapod/viewstrings/#tr/core-values/80084512?q=translated_before%3A2023-01-15

And translations were pulled before the 3.0 release in March: History for ui/i18n/src/main/res/values-tr/strings.xml - AntennaPod/AntennaPod · GitHub

This makes me wonder, @Piryus_Q;

  1. What Android version are you on?
  2. What is your AntennaPod version? (Please go the AntennaPod Settings via the side menu > About to find the version number.)
  3. What are your device’s language settings? Please go to your Android settings > System > Languages and input > Languages, take a screenshot and please share it with us.

I am using the latest version of the application, android 12, despite this, you have a mistake in English bidet, there are 367 words translated in the last week, I translated them too, so why is the application still not Turkish

“latest version” never helps when asked about an app version. Updates are rolled out to a random percentage of users, so the latest version is different for everyone. Only actual version numbers help.

In case you are using 3.1-beta3, I guess this has to do with the fact that we recently changed the capitalization of most settings titles, see Moving to Title Case for the App?

Please follow the instructions I gave:

As my colleague noted, the ‘latest’ version number changes from person to person.

That’s what we’re trying to figure out here. No need to repeat your frustration. Please just answer the question so we can do our job.

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I am using version 3.1.0-beta3 (ca9358234)
How can I talk to @emmdi?

Ok, thank you. As my colleague already noted: we changed the capitalisation of the settings. The translations on Transifex were updated since, but they haven’t landed in the app yet. In the final 3.1 release, the app will be fully in Turkish again.

I edited the Turkish translation Due to an error I cannot upload it, so I post it here

AntennaPod can only be translated using Transifex, not using Android XML files directly

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Github sayfanızdan aldığım metni düzelttim. Pach-1 olarak gönderdim. .xml dosyası transifex tarafından da kullanılıyor.

I think your Turkish translators translated from Google translate 112 errors corrected Turkish is not like your language, Turkish words change according to where they are used in Turkish, so make a correct Turkish translation.

@Piryus_Q Please stop creating new topics and instead comment on the one you created first. I already merged and closed 5-6 topics into this one.

AntennaPod can only be translated using Transifex, not using XML files.

Once again please note that translators (as well as anybody participating to help growing AntennaPod) are volunteers.
AntennaPod doesn’t have a staff of translators but only some people willing to translate into their own language.

I believe it’s surely lost in translation but it sounds like it’s a due that some other people should correct the translation and quickly. I understand it’s really frustrating to have a bad translation but you are probably the only one here who speak Turkish and is able to do something about it. And that’s what it seems you have started to do. :+1:

On transifex I don’t know if loading an XML is possible. I don’t think so and ByteHamster seems to confirm it. As one doing the french translation I always used Transifex web interface.
Eventually you could also try to contact other people on transifex who have done some translation for AntennaPod in your language but I am not sure it will work.

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