Turkish Language in the app

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AntennaPod can only be translated using Transifex, not using XML files.

Once again please note that translators (as well as anybody participating to help growing AntennaPod) are volunteers.
AntennaPod doesn’t have a staff of translators but only some people willing to translate into their own language.

I believe it’s surely lost in translation but it sounds like it’s a due that some other people should correct the translation and quickly. I understand it’s really frustrating to have a bad translation but you are probably the only one here who speak Turkish and is able to do something about it. And that’s what it seems you have started to do. :+1:

On transifex I don’t know if loading an XML is possible. I don’t think so and ByteHamster seems to confirm it. As one doing the french translation I always used Transifex web interface.
Eventually you could also try to contact other people on transifex who have done some translation for AntennaPod in your language but I am not sure it will work.

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