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Hi there,
Thanks for your interest. Please have a look here: Translation of screenshot titles and then send us the texts here on the forum. We will then check if everything is OK, and if it is, a script will generate the images with the right font.

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This is the Turkish version, if you translate it from the internet it will be wrong, this is the corrected version.

keunes Okay, brother, I won’t write again. I’m sorry for bothering you. I apologize for being disrespectful. I realize I’m a little impatient, but don’t worry, I won’t write on the forum again :sweat:

Hello, we spoke a month ago about making the photos available in Turkish. However, upon checking now, I cannot find anything. I am curious whether the work has not been completed yet. Can you please let me know the current status? Thank you.
-Subscribe to all of your\nfavorite podcasts
-Play smart with\nyour speed of choice
-Save time with\nautomatic downloads
-Select the theme\nthat fits best to you
-Adapt AntennaPod\nto your needs
-Discover thousands\nof great podcasts
-Enjoy your podcasts. Anywhere. Anytime.
-Tüm favori podcastlerinize abone olun
-Seçtiğiniz hızda oynatın
-Otomatik indirme ile zamandan kazanın
-Size en uygun olan temayı seçin
-AntenPod ihtiyaçlarınıza göre özelleştirin
-Binlerce harika podcasti keşfedin
-Podcastlerinizin keyfini çıkarın. Her yerde, Her zaman.


Teşekkür ederim piryus q

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It’s hard to keep your promise, isn’t it? :wink:

Note that I did not want a) you to spam me personally and b) you to create many new threads on the forum (use the existing threads!)

I have now merged the new thread you created with the existing one.

I just generated the screenshots with the scripts:

Can you confirm that they are OK?

If yes, I’ll get a second opinion from a Turkish colleague on the translations (just to make sure they’re fluent & catchy, something that cannot be checked through Google Translate). If it’s all OK, we will upload them to our codebase, at which point they will be sent to Google when the next version gets uploaded.

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thank you, it is very nice

Hello, how are you, a few days ago we talked about the publication of the translation of the promotional photos, what is the result?

Hi @Piryus_Q,
I’m sorry for the delay. I have checked with my colleague, and he had the following changes/suggestions:

Adapt AntennaPod to your needs
AntenPod ihtiyaçlarınıza göre özelleştirin

özelleştirin (more like ‘customise’) > uyarlayın (more like ‘adapt’)

Discover thousands of great podcasts
Binlerce harika podcasti keşfedin

podcasti > podcastı

Enjoy your podcasts. Anywhere. Anytime.
Podcastlerinizin keyfini çıkarın. Her yerde, Her zaman.

Her yerde, Her zaman. > Her zaman, Her yerde.

What do you think of these proposed changes?

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I’m afraid I didn’t like your suggestions. It seems like you may not be familiar with Turkish spelling and grammar rules, and you’re translating it like it’s in English. However, Turkish is not the way you might think. You would be more satisfied if you based it on the text I sent.

I don’t know if you’ve been following but I did not translate anything. Indeed I don’t know anything about Turkish spelling or grammar. I asked a colleague from Turkish descent to review the texts.

He may of course be mistaken. However, I checked just now regarding Her yerde, Her zaman. > Her zaman, Her yerde. Your version returns 0.6 million hits on Google. The version of my colleague returns 1.7 million hits on Google. So for me that’s definitely an indication that he may be right.

To be honest, the fact that you dismissed everything and don’t respond to each of the feedback points (explaining why his suggestion is wrong), does not inspire confidence.

I will ask another colleague for a second opinion.

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Hello, I apologize for not being able to write regularly. I was using the Turkish translated version of your page. I think there was a mistake, I apologize for that. I don’t see any problem with the translations right now. I apologize for my own mistake and for prolonging the work. There is no problem with your edits, you can use it like this. Thanks again :blush:

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Translations submitted on Weblate: AntennaPod/App store listing/Screenshot titles — Turkish @ Hosted Weblate: Subscribe to all of your favorite podcasts

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