Turkish web translation halfway through

Hello antennapod lovers! Today is my day to translate the antennapod web page :smiley: 42% has been translated from Turkish, only the contribution and documentation remains, but that’s all I can get from mobile. I want to be able to proudly show that I translated this in my github project. Is there a solution to this? Also, my personal opinion for the blog page is to hire a moderator from every language, at least to share the updates of the articles. Good luck! If I remember, I will order coffee tomorrow.

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Hi, welcome to the AntennaPod community forum. Thanks for contributing!

The Documentation is actually the most important part of the website to translate, because it is directly linked from the app. Without the documentation translated, we will not launch the (other) translations on the website.

What do you mean with “that’s all I can get from mobile”? Are you experiencing (technical) issues doing translations on the mobile phone?

What exactly is the idea? What should this person do? Translate the blog posts? Or share them in locally relevant channels (i.e. communication/promotion)?

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In order to better promote the antennapod application, Turkish forums and YouTube channels should be used. You can also create a promotional series about antennapod on your blog page. Moreover, you can also inform users about other technology news other than antennapod, which is even more attractive. I am a volunteer :smiley:

He should also be able to communicate with the Turks.

We’re not using our YouTube channel in general - creating content is a loooot of work. We have to prioritise other things. Improving the app, designing the app User Interface, updating the website, etcetera.

That would be even more work. I really appreciate your offer to volunteer, but if you do that we’ll need to do a bunch of extra work as well (discussing with you, reviewing content, publishing, etc). The core team doesn’t have time for that, I’m afraid.

However, if you want to help us, two things would be really helpful:

  • Finish the Turkish translations of the Documentation section of the website (once that’s done, we can have someone review the translations and publish the website in Turkish!)
  • Write blog posts (maybe write them in Turkish, then we’ll machine translate them into English). If you have ideas, please share them :slight_smile:

CC: @femmdi