in my app in Slovak I see at the top incorrect
“33 epizódy”
what probably cames from
correctly should be used
1%d episodes
which considers 1, few, many

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We have both strings in translations.

You are referring to string #97, and we have #121 which takes 1/few/many/other in account and has a template value (as you suggested).

Code \u0020 is a Unicode Character SPACE, so it should rendered as space character. And I see no way it could be mistakenly rendered as 3 or 33.

My assumption is that translation is incorrect on line #121 for one of the plurals. OR plural is chosen incorrectly for Slovak in the app (I suppose the engine is limited for all the rules of our languages if it’s anything like Ukrainian).

Could you provide a screenshot? Seeing specific place where incorrect translation is rendered will help to pin-point in code which string is used there.

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see 33 at the top of the screenshot
looking at slovak translation of 121
there is (and should be)
1 epizóda
(few) 2, 3, 4 epizódy
(many/other) 0, 5+ epizód
translation of 97 is \u0020epizódy
= what’s wrong that 33 does not get epizód?

Going through code, I found that, indeed, this page uses episodes_suffix (#97) that doesn’t support plural forms. Code builds a string manually instead of using templates.

Maybe we could use num_episodes that is already translated in most languages with corresponding plural forms?

Someone with Android and relevant codebase experience should be able to fix this relatively easy.

Relevant commit for history: Localize digits in queue episodes and parallel downloads numbers · AntennaPod/AntennaPod@e7666b6 · GitHub

Last commit from @ebraminio was 9 month ago and I cannot find Them here to tag.

@ByteHamster maybe you could help to resolve this issue or add right people.

Done, will be fixed in the next update: Use proper plurals when showing number of episodes by ByteHamster · Pull Request #6922 · AntennaPod/AntennaPod · GitHub


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