Unable to fetch new episodes or re-subscribe to specific podcast

App version: 3.4.0

Android version: 14

Device model: Galaxy Z Fold 5

Expected behaviour:
Fetch new episodes into my queue for “Fantasy Baseball Today” CBS podcast

Current behaviour:
Receive the following error on podcast page:

"Unsupported feed type

Technical reason:
Invalid type

File URL:

First occurred: today 6/5/2024

Not sure if this is an issue with the podcast host itself. I remove the podcast to see if that would solve the issue and now I am unable to resubscribe to it. When I search and click on the podcast it says “Error: Invalid type”

When I just try to access that URL nothing is returned…

I’m betting that’s the issue so it would be something on the feed side.

Here is another random feed I found that is also hosted at megaphone.com:

[The Supreme Resort]

It appears to work fine when you click on it.

Sounds like it’s an issue with the podcast host then. Thank you!