Unable to rename a playlist of music files

This issue is manifesting on my new Pixel 8 phone (unlocked, purchased from Google) running latest Android 14 (November 2023 update) running AntennaPod 3.2.0 that I downloaded from Google Play store.

I was running AntennaPod on my previous Pixel 5 phone (also Android 14, AntennaPod 3.20, etc.).

Problem: I cannot rename my pre-existing playlist that I transferred over from my Pixel 5 phone to my Pixel 8 phone.


  1. I have several (large) playlists of MP3 music files that I created based on MP3 files that exist on my phone (Pixel 5 phone at the time).

  2. Last week I got a new Pixel 8 phone. As part of the Android-directed setup, I transferred my Pixel 5 phone’s data/apps/etc over to my Pixel 8 (using the USB-C cable).

  3. The music files (MP3) all transferred but the playlists did not, so I went back to the Pixel 5 and used AntennaPod to export the playlists, which I then imported into my Pixel 8.

  4. The playlists work flawlessly on the new Pixel 8 phone. Everything is as it was. Awesome. Except…

  5. The names of the playlists have been altered. They used to be BigList, FunList, HappyList, for example. They are now BigList_5520, FunList_4398, and HappyList_5400 – and I cannot rename them.

  6. I have done everything short of uninstalling and re-installing AtennaPod (don’t want to risk losing my very large playlists to “fix” a cosmetic name issue on the playlists.

  7. I created a brand new playlist on my new Pixel 8 phone. For that playlist…I am able to rename the playlist.

Help, suggestions, comments???

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Playlists? AntennaPod manages podcasts, not music playlists

Hi @NoCalTim, welcome to the AntennaPod community forum. I was wondering the same as @ByteHamster; are you perhaps talking about Podcasts, or are you mixing up apps?

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