Unplayed episode badges

I’m coming from pocketcasts (which was great before they broke it) where I am used to seeing badges for unplayed episodes. Is there a similar feature for antennapod?

Yes. Both on the subscriptions screen and on the drop down menu.

(I also use Pocket Casts - in what way do you think it is broken?)

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Could either of you maybe share a (part of a) screenshot that shows what you’re referring to?

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Of course!

Note badge in upper right hand corner of podcast artwork in first pic

The option to set the value to reflect unfinished episodes is seen in the second picture

Really liking the app BTW!

Google Photos

Google Photos

Hi gomezz

Would you please share a screenshot? I can’t find how to get the badges to show

I usually listen to podcasts when I’m offline and PocketCasts worked great until it went to the cloud/subscription model. I have all of the settings set to download on both wifi and cel but when I’m out of service area, PC tries to stream and therefore wont play. Support is also abysmal

Go to:

image | Settings | User Interface | Set Subscription Counter | Number of unplayed episodes


Thanks tactical!
Any way to make them red?

Any way to make them red?


Give it time. You’ll get used to them in blue; it’s AntennaPod’s colour.


White numerals on blue background would be ok but the black text renders them almost unreadable

The way the numbers are displayed will be updated in a future version.

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Good news!
This app just keeps getting better and better
Just tried the sleep timer and love the way the volume fades at the end
How is it that PC gets such positive press when when its offline playing function is broken, its UI is less intuitive, it costs much more, and its customer support is terrible?
The only advantage to PC I see so far is the ability to save all settings to the cloud which comes in handy when switching or factory resetting your phone, but who knows, perhaps I can do that in AP as well
From what I can tell so far, AP works like the old PC, only better, and I loved the old PC
Must spread the word!

Not yet. There’s a feature request to include settings in backups: Include settings in database back-up · Issue #4089 · AntennaPod/AntennaPod · GitHub Perhaps when that’s implemented, syncing settings online could be implemented too.

We’ll be releasing version 3.0 sooner rather than later. If you want to help and are based in a non-English speaking country, help with localising promo & announcements would be super welcome.

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While the settings cannot be exported (yet), you can export your entire playback history and subscriptions, which is probably the most important thing when switching to a new phone.


That’s all I really need

One more question
I add episodes to my queue
Sometimes they play, sometimes not
Any idea why?

And continuous playback is turned on

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