Unsubscribe from a Podcast

Greetings everybody! I would like a feature different from the ‘remove podcast’ feature available in the current version.

Presently it’s not possible to retain episodes’ playback history and stats for a podcast you want to remove. I am proposing a feature similar to Pocket Casts where every listening history remains, along with the stats if you unsubscribe from a podcast.

It’s understandable if you guys don’t want to implement this. Thank you for this excellent app!

You can create a folder called “archive” and move it there instead of deleting.

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Oh wow, I can’t believe I didn’t think of this. Great workaround. Thank You!

I got one more query: is there a limit to the number of podcasts I can have before the app misbehaves? Like if I don’t delete anything? I have a Galaxy S22 ultra if that helps.

You can also change the podcast option to include it in Auto-Updating.

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Not really. As @gomezz wrote, you can disable keeping it updated. That saves some time when updating.

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Thank you both @ByteHamster @gomezz. I’ll be following your advice.