Update feed errors should disappear on next successful update

App version: 2.4.0.beta 2 google Play

Android version: 11

Device model: Pixel 4a

Expected behaviour: The red error sign shows up on the feed list side bar when a feed fails to update. Great! But the red error sign next to the feed should disappear when the feed updates successfully.

Because I am moving around and on and off wifi, I get this error a lot. Its annoying to have to manually clear it, when the issue is that I lost data for a bit and sometimes it stays there all day and countless refreshes of the feed were successful.

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The fact that there is no way to close the sign is kinda annoying too, so yeah.

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This should already be the case. It is for me (for sure when manually refreshing, haven’t paid close attention to automatic refresh but I’m convinced it works, too, because otherwise I’d have tonnes of exclamation marks).

If it is not disappearing for you, than that’d probably be a bug. Could you share a screenshot of Downloads » Logs?

This I don’t get: if you’re offline it shouldn’t attempt to refresh the feeds. And it shouldn’t lead to failed refreshes. Can you tell a bit more about how the WiFi connection causes this?

I set up Tasker to update my feeds on headphones connect. Because I plug my headphones in and then leave the wifi area, into a dead data spot, before all the feeds are updated, feeds down the list gives me an error, they can checked, no data. These don’t disappear when I manually recheck them when I have data again. I think they stay there on auto update too.

Either way, the red mark should disappear on manual or auto refresh of the feed.

Ah, I see. Thanks for explaining. Do you know whether this is something recent (since a particular AntennaPod update)?

As I wrote, red marks do pop up sometimes and then disappear again for me. Something prevents this from happening for you, though. So my feeling is that this bug is related to your specific situation (I’m particularly thinking about Tasker).

One of the developers would have to look into the code, though, to see what might be happening, as I’m not a developer.

Tasker just triggers the update. I’ve only been using since 2.3.0, so I’ll keep an eye on it.