Updated question: Local folder files random trigger lock screen

Updated info at the end.

App version: 3.1.0 F-Droid)

Android version: 11 oxygen os

Device model: OnePlus

Expected behaviour:
When playing something from local folder after hitting the play button let me continue to use my phone without triggering lock screen.

Current behaviour:
Not every file triggers this bug.
I have tested in normal podcasts and couldn’t reproduce this bug only in local folder(for now).
It triggered lock screen after hitting play button in local folder on a file.
Additional information:
It is easier to reproduce it if you start multiple files after each other.

First occurred:
2023.09.12 after the latest update

Steps to reproduce

Steps to reproduce:
Open local added folder as usual.
Playback an episode.
The audio.m4a start playing.
The screen freezes for a second and the lock screen
comes up with the usual lock screen navigation, continues playing.


Updated part:

I got a partial answer on GitHub but it is not clear:
“That is my phone audio decoder is broken.”

I have used antenna podcast for 3 years and did not change anything this bug came with the new release. How can this problem with my phone?