Updating Homepage with Forum

Since I asked myself where I should mainly post bugs and feature requests, I tried to find the forum which I know existed.
But checking the homepage I wasn’t able to find a obvious link, instead the direct request to ask on github:

I have decided to sign up here for more user discussion about features and github is not a platform for anyone who may use AntennaPod.
So I would make the decission of the staff more visible where to focus the first approaches of ideas and problem solving.

Maybe even add a few icons with links/content in the head bar of the website.
Like a megaphone with dropdown for all support links

Also the old google group is still linked, which is obsolete, so it should be less visible?

Hi! Welcome to the forum and thanks for bringing this up. We are currently in the process of getting a new icon and brand for AntennaPod (poll is running). After we have decided for one of the proposals, I would love to have the website re-done from scratch. I really like the structure and design of the new K9 Mail website. A new website for AntennaPod will need some more time but I hope that the initial rewrite can start in the next few months.

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That’s a huge improvement over their previous website. I think something like that could look very nice for AntennaPod.

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Yeah already saw and voted for a new icon. Quite nice logos were submitted. Sadly I still like to old icon, but it is true it is not uniqe anymore…

The K9Mail site really looks like I was thinking about this, even if I made a more minimalistic suggestion.


Hi @podlover
Also welcome here from my side :slight_smile: You’re absolutely right - it should be added, and the Google group should be removed. As I suspect a new website will take some time to get set up, populated, improved, simply updating the footer links in the current site would be good. If you’re familiar with HTML and Git(Hub), please feel free to send a pull request (if not, I’ll do that myself the coming week).

Well my first pull request, just started using git for my mcu project with only pushing new commits in a private repo.
I am not very familiar with html, but changing a link isn’t that hard anyway. :smirk: