Using alternative video player for files on SD Card

App version: 3.1.1 (F-Droid/)

I like watching video podcasts using MXPlayer for gesture control - and delete the file from there after wtsching. But on my new Android 11 device, the files under (SD Card)/Android/data/ are not accessible by other apps but AP and no other folder on the SD card can be chosen in AP. If I store the podcasts on internal storage, I can watch them, but internal storage tends to get full quick… I am not sure if formatting the SD card as system storage helps. When I do this, the additional storage space does not show in the storage section of system setting.

So maybe it is possible to implement the usage of another folder (e.g. (SD Card/Podcasts) in AP or to send the episode to MX Player app from within AP. So far, no video player appears as target for sharing a file from AP.

I can share the file with a file manager and save the file under (SD Card/Movies) where I can watch them, but it is an inconvenient workaround. Especially, I have to delete the original file in AP, too.

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MX Player pro is my player exactly. On my new Android 11 device, it cannot see files or folders under SD Card/Android/data/

Seems to be a feature, not a bug. How could I know what it might be good for…

Funny that files on internal storage /Android/data are viewable. The other way around seems more logical, since I should be able to access the files from outside, anyway. I haven’t tried it yet, but the card is formatted for data exchange, not as system storage.

So I need the AP media files to be stored somewhere else on the SD Card or a “send to MXPlayer” option in AP.