Using Subscription Folders, Renaming & Deleting?

< I’ve just started sorting my large number of subscriptions using “folders”. This is great for managing my podcast but once I created these folders, I can’t figure-out how to either rename them or delete them. What am I missing

Short answer is; unfortunately that you can’t.

I have not been involved in AntennaPod development, nor even read the actual source code. Yet I did dig into the database to manage my folders, so this is based on my understanding from that.

It seems which folders a feed belongs to is determined by a comma-separated list of strings in the tags column of the Feeds table. Whenever any feed has a certain tag, the folder becomes visible. If the tag is removed from all feeds, the folder disappears.

It is technically possible to export the database, saving the original file as a backup, edit a copy using sqlite on a computer and then re-import with the modifications. Very far from user friendly, hardly something which is actually supported and not a thing generally recommended. Yet that’s what I’ve done, and for me it worked like a charm.

Tag management is a pretty new feature. I think renaming and deleting tags/folders will be implemented at some point but currently it isn’t