Version 2.1.3 on F-Droid?

I got AntennaPod from F-Droid, and I just noticed that there the latest version is still 2.1.2 when it’s already 2.1.3 on Play Store.

Will we get this update also on F-Droid in next days?

Hi @Edo_Secco
Without knowing the details of the current situation, I can say that F-Droid builds AntennaPod without our interference, from the source code they pull from GitHub. They do this when a new version is tagged. Since we have tagged version 2.1.3, there normally isn’t much that we can do.

However, since 2.1.3 has been tagged 19 days ago, maybe we should create an issue against the F-Droid repo @ByteHamster to ask what might be up?

The build currently fails because they (wrongly) detect a non-free dependency. That dependency is only used in the Google Play build, not the F-Droid build. I will try to work around that.


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@Edo_Secco BytHamster has prepared a fix. Once that gets merged and a new version tagged, F-Droid hopefully builds again. So you might have to wait another while until version 2.2 is released.

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I just tagged 2.1.4, which is the same as 2.1.3 - just with the F-Droid build fix.

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