Version 2.5.1 on F-droid

App version: 2.5.1, missing on F-Droid

According to the release tag it’s been four days since the latest release, but it is still not showing up in F-Droid. Does anyone understand the F-Droid release process? Will it appear eventually, or is action required?

For the previous release there was a forum thread mentioning changes required for that one to roll through.

Attempting to dig into the status, states that 2.5.0 is still the newest available version. On build - F-Droid Monitor there is a line for AntennaPod under Successful builds, with three links including one leading to a detailed build log which gives the impression 2.5.1 was indeed successfully built the day before yesterday.

I realize and exist and have slightly looked at both, but am posting here instead of getting too deep into that rabbit hole. Will the new version appear in the repository if we just wait for another couple of days?

fyi: I got the notification yesterday night and updated today

Thanks @MCBuhl! It appeared for me also. I guess we can conclude that each new release might require a week to show up of F-Droid.

Did you check how often your f-droid client checks for updates?

My client only checks for updates when that action is initiated manually. That’s why I care about wishing to understand the process.

I’m assuming the package status as presented through the web interface corresponds to what releases are available for download.

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