Version 3.4 on F-Droid

Hi. Can anyone with an existing account please open an issue over there in F-Droid Forum? - I tried to but can’t as I would have to “create a new account” which isn’t “allowed at this time”.

On Google Version 3.4 is available for download, but F-Droid still shows 3.3.2 as the newest version.

As reference you could use: AntennaPod: outdated version in F-Droid - #3 by system - Apps - F-Droid Forum or just open it right away with the sentence (suggestion) above.

See Updates on F-Droid – AntennaPod. TLDR: You don’t have to notify anyone, you just have to wait

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Ja, it’s not heavily more than a week. I agree.

The update is not released on GitHub yet, so the one week timer has not started yet. We are still at “A few days later, when we’re confident there are no critical bugs, we tag the release on GitHub.”

Note that this release was a bit different. It’s now available without the release on GitHub. That’s because we had to add build recipe changes