Visual feedback of which output device the play button will use

App version:
2.6.1 (50eee8848) (F-Droid)

Problem you may be having, or feature you want:
Not obvious what device the “Play” button will play through when switching between Bluetooth devices and smartphone speaker. This is especially a problem as my Bluetooth headset will sometimes connect for “calls” but not for “audio” so unless I look at the detailed Android settings, it shows as “connected” even though audio like AntennaPod won’t play through them.

Suggested solution:
Play button could show a mini Bluetooth symbol next to the play icon to indicate it will play through Bluetooth. Although not relevant to my use-case, other output modes could have their own symbols.

This is similar to how the Phone and other voice chat apps indicate Bluetooth is being used.

Screenshots / Drawings / Technical details: