Warning, latest 3.1.0-beta 1 version crash

I just updated to latest beta 3.1.0-beta 1and I got instant crash.
So avoid to install it or do a database backup before if you want to downgrade afterward. (Sadly I didn’t think about it and my last backup is several month old :sweat_smile:)

Thanks for the heads up. I don’t see it available for me yet (I’m enrolled as a beta tester) so I’ll hold on updating until more information is available about this situation.

This seems to affect users who have the feed update interval set to “time of day”. That setting was removed because new restrictions in the Android system do not permit starting long-running background tasks at a specific time (we plan a replacement here). In this case, the old “time of day” value was read before AntennaPod performed the migration to select “every 12 hours” instead. I’m working on a fix.

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Google is now reviewing beta2


Is this an internal testers build? I’ve not seen a 3.1 beta update at all yet and I am indeed a member of the beta.

The update is only rolled out to a random 10% of the beta testers

Gotcha, didn’t know it was staged betas. Thanks!

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