We're running some user research!

We at AntennaPod are running some user research! This will help us understand more about you and how you listen to podcasts, allowing us to ensure that we’re always building things in a way that makes sense for you.

If you’d like to take part, then please complete this short survey (<5 minutes) and let us know on there if you’d be happy to take part in an interview to help us learn more.


(Quick note: for GDPR reasons please only take part if you are over 18.)


I completed the survey but the question about how I listen to podcasts didn’t really offer an answer that fitted my pattern. I do listen to new episodes in strict chronological order but also do occasionally skip episodes that are of no interest to me and also do listen to the backlog of long-running podcasts mostly in strict chronological order but occasionally pick and choose.

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Thanks @gomezz for letting us know. I should note that we have included the questions this way because we want to select a small number of people for the interviews while making sure that we cover at least people who do these things are present in our sample. It is not a quantitative study.

I have the impression that the investigation has already been closed. Can be a bit fast for August. But you probably got what you were looking for.

Have a nice day!

Hi @Kusco!
Thanks for your interest. The survey has been open a week and we had an overwhelming interest. As it was just to find 10 people we could interview and we have a fixed schedule, we had to close it already :slight_smile:

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Wouldn’t it be better (in terms of the quality/representaivity of the data) to have more people fill out the survey, even if you only interview 10 people?

Hi @sereksim,

No, because we’re not doing qualitative research. If we would be doing that, we should have designed a different survey, and chosen a different method for getting responses :slight_smile:

Collecting more data with the existing questions and drawing conclusions based off of it, would lead to weak research and outcomes that aren’t extremely useful (because they wouldn’t be reliable or valid).

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