What is this 'skip silence' thing?

I’ve recently seen some activity around ‘skip silence’, here on the forum (Improvements to the Skip Silence system) and GitHub (Make skip silence configurable / Request: per-podcast skip silence setting).

I’ve never seen it, though, which confuses me. Did I miss something? What is it and where can I find it?


  1. play an episode
  2. the settings menu on top
  3. there is a check box : Skip Silence In Audio

Oh wow. Thank you. I’m almost ashamed I didn’t know this :stuck_out_tongue:
Do you know when this got introduced? Has this always been there?

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Check out this pull request for when it was introduced https://github.com/AntennaPod/AntennaPod/pull/2961

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When i created this PR, it was not possible to configure the Silence now it is.

It would be easy the configure the skipping with Improved threshold values. I would not suggest to let used fiddle with all 3 valued. There should be 2-3 Preset to choose from. Like Off, Relaxed, Aggrressive

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