What should my settings be?

I went to Mexico for a bit and it seemed to really mess up my settings.
I decided to uninstall and reinstall. I want to get my preferred settings back.
It should be simple, but I am rather frustrated.
All I want is for new episodes to go to my In Box where I move them as I wish to my Queue.
What should my settings be for this?

Under Settings → Playback,
if you uncheck “Enqueue Downloaded - Add downloaded episodes to the queue”
Doesn’t that do what you want?

I’ve done this; here’s what happens:
My Inbox is empty.
I refresh.
Several episodes appear and each ‘circle’ on the right shows a down arrow.
Then the circles do a progressive darker circle and disappear.
Now are in my Downloads.
Before Mexico, I’d see them in my Inbox and move them to my Queue in the order I want them.
I suppose now I can do that from Downloads.
Ay caramba!

This sounds like Automatic download got enabled. Try disabling it.
(Though I doubt there’s any link with Mexico as such! :smiley: )

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