What's the point of adding YT RSS feeds if they don't contain media files

I was wondering,off topic, what’s the point of adding YT RSS feeds when there’s no media file with it? For instance I added the sample link, it just showed name and description saying there ain’t no media in it. So,why, please? Or somehow you do get media too?

Hi Aman_Garg,

I get the same as you, no media file. I use it basically for notification and the ability to copy the URL using the share option. I then paste the URL into either the DVD or NewPipe app. Those apps will give you the option to download in what format (mp3, video, quality) you choose. You may ask, why not just use NewPipe and subscribe to the channel. At this time NewPipe cannot monitor the Live tab so I never get notified. I have also tried LibreTube but also do not get notified.

Hope this helps clear things up.


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Date 9/21/2023 8:35:43 AM
Subject [AntennaPod Forum] [Bug report] Adding second Youtube feed overwrites first Youtube feed (As of now you can only have one Youtube feed)


Oh that’s logical! Previously I thought it’s senseless, I see the value in it now,thanks!

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