When episodes are removed from podcast on original hosting platform, they are still shown on AP

Not sure if it’s really a bug, but anyway:

App version: 2.1.2 (Google Play)

Android version: 8.0.0

Device model: Samsung Galaxy A5

Expected behaviour: I host a podcast on Spreaker with friends, two days ago we removed some old episodes from our main show, moving them to an “old episodes” podcast (always under our user), I expected that after one or two days also the episodes on AP would change in order to reflect this.

Current behaviour: But even after more refreshes they were still shown there. Finally today I removed the podcast and loaded it again, then now it correctly shows only the remaining ones.

That’s actually a feature. Publishers often delete old items to keep the RSS feeds smaller. RSS readers and podcast apps are responsible for remembering them even after they are deleted.

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Understood, thank you, I wasn’t aware of this.

At this point I don’t think it’s worth to request the addition of this particular feature (let’s say, a “refresh-from-zero”), since it’s just needed to remove the interested podcast and reload it in AP with the RSS now “cleaned”. :ok_hand:

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