Where are podcast stored on my Pixel 3XL?

App version: 2.2.1 Google Play Android Version: 11(state whether from Google Play/F-Droid/Custom built APK)

Android version: Android Version: 11 (Please mention if you are using a custom rom!)

Device model:Pixel 3XL

Expected behaviour: Where are podcasts stored on phone? I can’t find them. I’m not very tech savvy.

Current behaviour:

First occurred: (e.g. about x days/weeks ago)

Steps to reproduce:

  1. This
  2. Then that
  3. Then this
  4. Etc.

Environment: (Settings you have changed (e.g. Auto Download). “Unusual” devices you use (e.g. Bluetooth headphones). Did you select another media player?)

They are stored in an internal folder that is no longer accessible manually when using Android 11. The reason is that Android 11 makes it a lot harder for apps to use folders that are directly accessible. You can long-press downloaded episodes to share the file to other apps.

Are you sure? I am on Android 11 (non rooted) and I can access them with my file manager (solid explorer) in : /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/de.danoeh.antennapod/files/media ?

Interesting. Maybe Solid Explorer still uses the old way of accessing media files and got a permission by Google to do so. (accessing all files now requires Google’s approval and is only meant for file managers)

Thanks very much for the info. Regards, George