Widget disappeared, no option to bring it back

Moto G Power (2021), Android 10, Nova Launcher.

I used to have the Antenna Pod widget on my home screen, but a few days ago it just… vanished? When I tried to find the widget for AP, it was missing entirely. A reboot failed to fix the issue as well.

Not sure where I went wrong here, but I have done the following things recently, but before the disappearance of the widget:

  1. Bought a new device (the aforementioned moto g power)
  2. Moved all apps to the SD card, along with their storage folders, if possible

Any help would be appreciated!

It’s not possible to use widgets of apps that are moved to the sd card. That’s a limitation of the Android system. Instead of moving AntennaPod to the sd card, consider setting the download folder to the sd card in AntennaPod’s settings.

Huh. Fair enough. Thanks!