Widget play button marks listened

App version: 2.2.0 (35259f554) (Google Play)

Android version: 10 / March 1, 2021 (Factory)

Device model: Motorola One 5g Ace

Expected behaviour: hit play/pause on widget and that function is performed.

Current behaviour: sometimes I hit the button on the widget and the podcast is deleted / marked played then deleted (i have mark played and delete on played enabled)

First occurred: 2 days ago

Steps to reproduce:
This is a intermittent problem. I have been using this version for some time. And I can only recall it happening 2 times.

Environment: I use a Bluetooth Earpiece


[if available]

I am trying to understand the bug report, are you saying that after you have deleted an episode, the play and pause button still shows for that episode?

Sorry for that. In a effort to play / pause a podcast (I only have one button on the widget) I pressed the button and instead the podcast was moved to the next in the que. I can’t find the podcasts so I assume they have been deleted.