Widget problem

With the update to version 2.6.1 there is a widget problem. The widget flickers every 2 seconds.
Even a reboot doesn’t help.

Hmm, looks like others are affected as well @Taco. This sounds exactly like the glitch I experienced in Replace deprecated JobIntentService with WorkManager by TacoTheDank · Pull Request #5742 · AntennaPod/AntennaPod · GitHub.

Ah geez. This looks like the problem regards these two links:

According to a comment in the StackOverflow answers, “they’re working on fixing the issue and adding support for widgets” (miredirex). Do you think a solution for now would be to schedule a request far into the future (as suggested by the answer)? @ByteHamster

Aah, interesting. That’s how I can also reproduce the problem - turn off automatic feed updates, so that no other jobs are scheduled. And that’s also why it was fixed after re-installing the app back then when I experienced the problem.

I guess that’s the only thing we can do here. We should watch out, though, to only schedule the work request when there is a widget available and remove it when the last widget is removed. That way, AntennaPod does not start on boot unnecessarily when someone adds a widget once and removes it. The StackOverflow post used onEnabled/onDisabled for that but I am not sure if that works only for newly created widgets or also for existing ones.

This is resolved in 2.6.2

Great. Thank you very much for this perfect service…