Wikiradio no feed no rss correct

Android version: 10
OS version: 3.10.108-lineageos-g6f027fb1e3f
AntennaPod version: 2.6.1
Model: KIW-L21
Device: kiwi
Product: KIW-L21

No crash report recorded

Wikiradio (by Rai3 Italy) probably wrong adress service (old version antennapod work about wikiradio), don’t show the list about titles after choose new subscribe, there are 4 or 3 about wikiradio (because there are very lot titles when Antennapod work with wikiradio, but now nothing, good with other subcribe not wikiradio).
Thankyou for your attention.
I’m sorry for my poor English.

I’m sad too see no one has answered previously, and sorry to say that I do not really understand what the bug report states.

Something about Wikiradio not being possible to find? Is it still an issue? Do you have the RSS feed which is causing the unexpected or problematic behaviour?

Thank you for bumping this - I can offer some help.

The problem here is that in late 2021 Rai switched their feeds to a walled garden model via their app/website, RaiPlay Sound.

Since then, there have been some grassroots efforts to re-establish somewhat working RSS feeds - see here for Wikiradio.

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@neodeepspeech I just searched for ‘Wikiradio’ and I think none of the search results is the one you are looking for. I think the best is to add this RSS feed to AntennaPod: Add Podcast > ‘Add Podcast by RSS address’

An important caveat: AntennaPod currently doesn’t manage to play episodes using the unofficial feed - you can follow this issue for updates.

Ah, didn’t make the connection between the two. Thanks.

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