Write out swipe actions

It would be nice to show written the swipe options when the user slide right or left

Hi @Ares
Thanks for chipping in on the AntennaPod forum. Can you share why you are sharing this request? Do you find any icons unclear?

Hello @keunes . The App is very good and has many features that others don’t. The icons are clear, but should all the users know them by heart ?
I think it would be even better, since there is the space, to wite the name of the action performed.
Thank you.

I took at look at how Gmail does swipe actions, they do not display the words in the action swipe

Indeed @tonytamsf , there are apps they dont show them as words. I am not in favor of what others do, i just think it is better to show them.
Thank you.

I’m not sure writing out the actions would help all users: it is likely that you are with your finger on top/in front of the text, you might have to swipe quite far if your language is wordy in order to see the full description, and (minor argument) having text in addition to an icon might make the swiping user more distracted than it reassures them of the action they’re performing.

Also, if I’m not mistaken you have to make a choice when using the swipe action for the first time. There the choices are described in words, so theoretically the user should already be aware of the swipe action they picked.

So I’m not sure I’d be in favour of adding this.


Ok @keunes . I thought it would be helpful, not a distraction to the user.
Thank you.

Having had a look at the swipe icons they all seem pretty obvious and/or standard. The one exception is using a simple tick “✓” for “Remove from inbox” as I don’t think this is obvious. Perhaps some thought could be given to an icon that more accurately reflects this action? Something like an inbox tray with a cross or a minus sign on it perhaps? Or maybe with a tick on it as that is more in line with the mindset of processing an inbox?


with something like this as the basis - sorry not good at manipulatng images.

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@gomezz i agree with your suggestion.