You tube error

In the chapter description of a podcast, there is a link to YouTube. Why is AntennaPod trying to download it although in the RSS is clearly stated the correct path to the mp3 file?
YouTube link is tagged “media content”, download path “atom link”

RSS can be provided.

Error message: 

Technischer Grund: 


That is not a valid download URL, it’s the link to a YouTube video. I guess the RSS feed is wrong

Of course it is not. To me the rss xml looks good. What is your take on the tags that I mention in my post?
We have:

  1. Youtube embedded:
    <media:content url="" medium="video" width="1280" height="720"> <media:player url="" />
  2. Media file:
    <atom:link rel="" href="" />

< enclosure url="" length="183447867" type="audio/mpeg"/>

  • I have added a space between < and enclosure to make it visible.

To me this looks correct or how do you analyse it?

As said:

  • I think the resolving is wrong
  • the rss file or the relevant part can be sent.

Which episode @MCBuhl ? I subscribed to the feed and the most recent episode seems to download just fine.

The RSS is broken. media:content should link directly to a media file, not to an external player website. That’s what media:player is for (the feed specifies the player in both attributes). See also Media RSS Specification (Current)

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Yes, because the link to youtube was removed.

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Ok, no issue in AntennaPod, but incorrect rss-xml-building by the tool that the host uses?
I don’t fully get the spec on how to embed external media in comments section, because that what’s originally intended.
Podlove however is a widely used tool and recommended by many as I understand, so this kind of nuisance makes me wonder…

My guess would be that the creator of the feed uses podlove in a wrong way, not that podlove is wrong

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Thank you. I will inform them.