Your favourite podcasts

As the number of users on the forum has recently grown, I’ve seen a number of people mention they are subscribed to a lot of podcasts. I thought I had quite a lot at 51 but see that I’m far behind others. :exploding_head:

I am always looking for new and interesting things to listen to and thought it could possibly be quite interesting to see what others like. I also look for some to practice my language skills (or rather to not lose them), but could put more effort into that.

Whilst I have many I enjoy, here are some of my favourite podcasts; in no specific order. (Please note what language the podcast is in so it can help others.)

Football Weekly by The Guardian (English)
Scotland Outdoors by BBC (English)
Late Night Linux (English)
The Food Programme by BBC 4 (English)
Japan Eats (English & rarely Japanese)
The Science Hour by BBC (English)
Ubuntu Podcast (English)
The Spanish Football Podcast (English)

I like the CRE podcast (German, interviews about everything, from bread to SpaceX). Basically everyone in Germany who listened to podcasts before it became mainstream knows that host :slight_smile: His community developed the psc chapter marks specification that is pretty widely used in German tech podcasts (the PodcastIndex project recently re-invented the wheel with their chapters tag).

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I look at my AntennaPod statistics and pull out these

This Week In Startups - interviews start up founders
Pivot - talks about the media and tech industry and generally what is wrong
Design Matters - interviews with creatives

I will check out this

Hey there.

I love listening to old episodes of the Desert Island Discs radio show from BBC Radio 4. The show is still running and they have around 15 feeds of downloadable archives dating back to the late 40’s. They celebrated their 75th birthday this year!

I also like the star trek themed podcast The Prime Direction. It consists of interviews of Star Trek fans about their love for the franchise. Another Star Trek podcast worth noting is Women at Warp.


I only have 29 current subscriptions but there are several others that I have had in the past which are no longer active such as “13 Minutes to the Moon” and “Tracks”. That said 10 of my current subscriptions have sizeable back catalogues which I am gradually working my way through. As well as several sports related podcasts these are my perennial favourites which I commend to my fellow listeners

The Archers
In Our Time
The Infinite Monkey Cage
The Curious Cases of Rutherford and Fry
No Such Thing As A Fish

As you can probably tell I am UK based. :slight_smile: