3.2 release notes – Who wants to prepare them?


@ByteHamster is ready to start releasing version 3.2. and that means: release notes! :grinning:

For quite some versions of AntennaPod I’ve been preparing the release notes. It’s quite a nice task, with a bit of a mix between communication and tech.

Now I’m looking for a successor for this task; someone who is happy to make the release notes, when we’re preparing for a new version once in a while. (Because I want to focus on other things for AntennaPod.)

I’ve automated part of the process a bit, so it’s easier than before. No technical knowledge required. It usually takes me about an hour or two per version (including making a proposal and following up on feedback). As we release once a month at most (but often a bit less) and there’s no strict deadlines, it’s a flexible task.

If you’re interested, please drop a note below! I’ll of course be happy to introduce you to everything and support the first couple of times.


Happy to take it - just need some introduction & support :smiley:


I’d like to help enthusiastically!


Hi both,
Thanks a lot for the offers! Much appreciated :slight_smile: Shall we schedule a call where I show/explain you both? Then we can discuss if one might be less interested, or if you want to take turns, etc. It’s always good to reduce the bus factor :smiley:

Maybe next week Saturday?

Sure, I’m in!
I’m at home this week due to holidays so I’m flexible to whatever time you and Femmdi are comfortable in :slight_smile:

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