Android Auto not continuing playback

App version: x.y.z (state whether from Google Play/F-Droid/Custom built APK)

Google Play 3.0.2

Android version: 5.x (Please mention if you are using a custom rom!)

Android 13
Samsun UI 5.1

Device model:

Samsung Z Fold 4

Expected behaviour:

When connecting to Android Auto (wired or wireless) to have Antenna Pod continue my current podcast

Current behaviour:

I need to manually go to queue and select the episode I was listening to to continue where I was.

First occurred: (e.g. about x days/weeks ago)

2 months ago when first purchaed my car

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Play podcast on phone or earphones
  2. Get into car
  3. When car connects AA open antenna pod
  4. It wont remember where the phone was upto

Environment: (Settings you have changed (e.g. Auto Download). “Unusual” devices you use (e.g. Bluetooth headphones). Did you select another media player?)


[if available]
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I’m also experiencing this same issue. I can post screenshots if this helps developers.