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Dear Antenna Pod experts,

After happily using Google podcasts for years , I transferred all my subscriptions to AntennaPod because it had good reviews. I have to admit I’m really struggling to understand how it works.

What I would like to have is all my subscriptions go into the Inbox. Certain subscriptions I would like to go straight into the Queue. The others I would like to chose whether or not to add them to the queue and eventually delete the ones I don’t want to listen to from the Inbox.

Also sometimes I would like to listen to an episode of a podcast that I don’t subscribe to. I don’t seem to be able to do that

I would like to be able to select multiple podcasts from either the Queue, inbox, or downloads and delete them.

If I finish listening to a particular podcast, I would like to automatically go on to the next available episode of that particular podcast without doing anything manually.

I’m finding that episodes from one of my favourite podcasts are taking a long time to appear in the inbox after they have been made available. This did not happen with Google podcasts

I’m finding that things appear in the Queue that I did not put there, and there are things in the Downloads section that I did not download.

I also find that sometimes there is only a title listed, with a photo, but not the usual logo of the podcast, so I can’t tell which podcast it is without opening.

Is there somewhere I can find comprehensive instructions to help me set things up to resolve these issues? I use Samsung S24+

Welcome, fellow Google Podcasts refugee. I actually found the transition to AntennaPod to be pretty straightforward, but that’s because my workflow is pretty straightforward:

  1. Check InBox periodically
  2. Click Download for the episodes I want to listen-to in the near future
  3. Swipe-out the ones I won’t be listening to.
  4. Leave the ones I’m not sure about in the InBox so I can eventually either listen or swipe them out.

It sounds like you have a very specific methodology in mind, but first I’d recommend just getting familiar with all of the options first to see what’s available. For example, I was wishing that the remaining time was displayed for each episode rather than the total time, and I found that was an option. Likewise I prefer seeing the podcast thumbnail rather than the episode thumbnail (as you mentioned) and there’s an option for that. Similarly, if you hold down on an episode the menu will appear, which includes the multi-select option you asked about.

One last thing that someone else clued me into. From most of the screens you can start a manual refresh by pulling down on the screen. Though AntennaPod automatically refreshes the InBox periodically (which you can adjust), you can also initiate a refresh anytime you’re waiting for a particular episode to drop.

All of that said, you can find the documentation here. Documentation – AntennaPod


Hello, welcome to the club of AntennaPod users @glenk1!

In addition to what @Listener kindly shared:

Continuous playback is currently not available within a podcast, but only on the queue. There is an open feature request for this: Continuous playback if initiated from podcast screen (+ reversed) · Issue #1533 · AntennaPod/AntennaPod · GitHub

However, you can now keep your queue sorted based on podcast title, which will already help for what you want here. You’ll need “Continuous playback” in the settings turned on and you’ll probably want “Keep sorted” (in the queue sorting) enabled as well.

We don’t know how Google Podcasts worked, but it might be (is quite likely) that they had a centralised approach: their server checks constantly for new episodes and once they find one they push it to you. With AntennaPod, it’s your local app that does the checking and processing (e.g. to prevent duplicates arriving in your list). More info: Central and distributed podcast apps – AntennaPod You might want to check the settings » Downloads » Refresh podcasts, to check more often for new podcasts.

You might want to look into your “Automatic download” settings.

As already mentioned by @Listener, you can determine whether you want to display episode covers or podcast covers in the list: Settings » User interface » Use episode cover. There’s also a request to show the podcast title in episode lists: Show podcast title in items of episode lists optionally

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Thanks you so much for taking the time to help me. I will work through your suggestions.

Thank you for this helpful advice.

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