Announcing version 2.0.0 (Communication/Press - add your suggestions!)

With version 2 upcoming (including our then new logo), it would be great if we could get some (press) coverage and maybe gain some new users along the way :slight_smile:

It’d be great if we could draw up a list of media (both big and small, digital native and traditional) that we might reach out to.

@tonytamsf from what I remember you seemed to have an interest in this a bit. Would you be happy to join in this effort?


Here’s a list of potential media. Please feel free to add your own! (It’s a wiki, so you should be able to edit via the button on the bottom-right of this post.)

And a list of communities we could share the news in:

Sure, I can try to help.

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Didn’t dare to add them before suggesting but I think it would be a good idea to appeal to :

English :

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You might consider reaching out to the lads at Late Night Linux. Whilst they are Linux focused, they often discuss Android and regularly promote using F-Droid.


Thanks @Matth78 and @tenkara_vt for your suggestions. I’ve added them.
Except Xda-Developers, as I wasn’t sue yet whether we should send in a content suggestion or rather post it in the Apps & Games forum section. Anyone has experience or a feeling for what may be wisest, either just as an Xda reader, Xda forum member or general human being?

I am not really sure about sending a content suggestion because after reading what you are not supposed to do it say to not ask for a review. I think we are asking to promote a major version update but maybe it’s too close to asking for a review? Maybe we could point out we are not sure if it’s ok to ask but we feel it’s more about an “original development work” than a review which would respect rules about suggesting content.

About Apps & games I won’t post in it since we already have a user forum. I think thread for apps are supposed to be a way to get feedback for free app.

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A couple of thoughts. I used to be fairly active on XDA, though that has pretty much slowed down to only checking a couple of times a month. There isn’t a real privacy focused ROM for my current phone, so I’ve it rooted and that’s it.

Personally, I’ve found very little useful in the apps and games section. It often becomes just people complaining and devs answering questions that are better answered elsewhere. Maybe that’s because I’m very picky about what I install on my phone or because I’m old and don’t care about the same things as younger people.

To the point that @Matth78 makes. One thought is that you could have two different press releases. That way you could send something to the content section of XDA without violating the requirements for posting there. Then in other locations you could still ask for reviews where it seems acceptable.

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