AntennaPod 2.2.0 release notes

Manual, full list of changes in 2.2.0:

  • Use PodcastIndex for main Add Podcast search (#4873, @tonytamsf)
  • Use system notification settings when possible (#4615, @ByteHamster)
  • Move to a license that better protects the project: GPL (#4719)
  • Add 5, 10 and 20 minutes sleep timer extend buttons (#4803, @max-wittig)
  • Add optional rewind, forward and skip buttons to widget (#4746, @tonytamsf)
  • Don’t display spinning circle in menu and podcasts screen when updating feeds (#4944, #4949, @ByteHamster)
  • Allow to activate notifications for new episodes (default: off) (#4646, @connectety)
  • Assign new actions to hardware buttons (#4881, @timakro)
  • Add ‘When not favorited’ as Episode Cleanup option (#4693, @spacecowboy)
  • Fixed stuck download notification (#4963, @a1291762)
  • Added tab indicator to player screen to enhance usability for visually impaired users (#4731, @ByteHamster)
  • Show “include in auto downloads” checkbox on adding podcast (#4627, @asdoi)
  • timing issue with speed settings per podcast when moving to the next episode when phone is locked (#4713, @tonytamsf)
  • fix bug with how we count downloaded media, show a meaningful message when batch-deleting media (not episodes) (#4714, @tonytamsf)
  • Add timecode to media file URL so playback starts at shared point when sharing (#4721, @tonytamsf)
  • Display message when feed item has no media (#4711, @markamaze)
  • Simplified gpodder login process (#4493, @ByteHamster)
  • Add share icon to podcast info screen (#4831, @Thom-Merrilin)
  • Remember feed password when download requires log-in (#4855, @ByteHamster)
  • Chapter improvements:
    • Show replay button on currently playing chapter (#4706, @tonytamsf)
    • Show progress of current chapter (#4725, @ByteHamster)
    • Several improvements under the hood (#4936, #4940, #4941, @ByteHamster)
  • Local folder improvements:
    • Use any image for local folders if a file named ‘folder’ doensn’t exist (#4837, @damoasda)
    • Show file creation date for local feeds (#4862, @tonytamsf)
  • Android Auto improvements:
    • Correct skip button behavior Android Auto (#4865, @tonytamsf)
    • Show feed & queue item images on Android Auto (#4663, @ByteHamster)
    • Pause button for autos (#4707, @tonytamsf)
    • Display info after completing/skipping previous episode (#4895, @tonytamsf)
  • Display time overlay when scrubbing (#4786, @asdoi)
  • Added preference to display remaining time or total duration (#4880, @tonytamsf)
  • Option to use episode-specific covers in player only (#4908, @Geist5000)
  • Fixed disappearing drawer toggle (#4939, @ByteHamster)
  • Pick up protocol and port when included in gpodder server URL (#4932, @MStrecke)
  • And some code restructuring under the hood (#4691 etc, @damoasda, @ByteHamster)

Commits to Develop until & including 27 February considered.

Google Assistant App Actions for AntennaPod (#4417) not included, as it first needs testing.

Will make a selection for release asap.


Currently 483 characters (including the list denotations).

- Optional notifications for new episodes (@connectety)
- Use PodcastIndex for main search (@tonytamsf)
- Sleep timer extend buttons (@max-wittig)
- Optional rewind, forward & skip buttons on widget (@tonytamsf)
- 'When not favorited' as Episode Cleanup (@spacecowboy)
- More actions for hardware buttons (@timakro)
- Android Auto & chapter support (@tonytamsf, @ByteHamster)
- Stuck download notification (@a1291762)
- Player screen usability for visually impaired (@ByteHamster)

The system notification settings screen is a pretty technical thing. Many users will probably not really get the difference. I would remove that one.

Change license sounds a bit scary to people who are not used to licenses. Do we really need that? Normal users are not affected by the license change anyway.

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Yeah. Removed the notifications item.
My feeling is that the changelog is mainly read by those interested in the tech - particularly our FOSS enthusiast group. And I think that that group would be interested in such change.

Does Google pick up the changelog from GitHub/a build automatically, or you have to copy-paste it manually? If manually, I can imagine we include it on GitHub (for F-Droid users) and leave it out from Google.
Removing the license change saves 49 characters, so it’d make it fit on Google…

Both Google and F-Droid use the same file in the source repo: AntennaPod/default.txt at develop · AntennaPod/AntennaPod · GitHub

(Google through an Android Studio plugin that automatically uploads the apk, release notes, mapping file, etc)

How about Add PodcastIndex to main search instead of PodcastIndex main Add Podcast search?

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PI line updated.

So we could exclude it at first, package & send stuff to Google, then update the file after that (before F-Droid picks it up)

Hmm, not really a fan of having to maintain two independent changelogs. They would have to be updated on every bugfix release.

How about replacing Android Auto & chapter support and Stuck download notification with simply Bug fixes?

Ah, right, it’s not a one-time thing. Then never mind.

Hmm. Then I think I’d prefer to keep Android Auto & chapter support and Stuck download notification and remove the GPL reference. They’re more concrete. (Even if the number of people that are affected above items might be smaller than the group interested in the license change.)

If we go with removing the GPL notice we should check if we have space left to credit individual lines.

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Ok, release notes are ready I think. Unless you have a purpose for the 18 characters that we can still add :slight_smile:

Maybe “off by default” instead of “optional”? Seems to be pretty important for some users:

Should it be “notifications in” or “notifications for”?

Ah, should be for indeed. Given that it says ‘optional’ I think indicates already that it’s off by default.

Okay, sounds good. Will upload the beta tomorrow.

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How about making this thread public? :slight_smile: I don’t see a reason for it to be private.


Amazing contributions from the community! This 2.2.0 released stabilizes the product even more.