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google play: x.y.z (state whether from Google Play/F-Droid/Custom built APK)
Android version: 14.x (Please mention if you are using a custom rom!)
pixel 7 pro:
I’m also a beta tester.

I’ve seen various info on this but would appreciate a clear step-by-step…I have about 150 podcasts in my subscriptions. I only want to have episodes automatically downloaded for 15-ish of them…how do I do that? Currently, I enable auto-download and every podcast gets downloaded (not cool). Even when I think only the 15 podcasts are marked as auto-download, all 150 get downloaded (also, not cool).

Go to subscriptions screen and long press any subscription to pop up a menu. Choose multiple selection. Select multiple of them and change auto download settings using fab icon (bottom right)

Hello Matth78, Thank you for the tip. However, auto download is still not working on my version: 3.3.2.
Is there something I’m missing?

Can you confirm you have these settings?

For me in order to have episodes auto downloaded you have to :

  • turn on auto download in settings/download
  • have settings specific to podcast auto download on
  • have episode in inbox which is used to choose episodes to auto download

Because of the last point maybe check if you didn’t disable adding episode to inbox?
See settings/download and action for new episodes
For reference there had been discussion about decoupling inbox and auto download.

For transparency I am telling you what I know but I don’t use it!

Dear Ari,

Thank you.

Yes, I can confirm these settings are all correct.
I have tried all these before.
Logically, it should be working but I can’t see why it’s not.

Thank you, Matth78. Much appreciated.

Yes, I have the setting to the last point re the inbox as it should be.

Out side of that I am a little stumped.

Update: I just refreshed my downloads folder in the drawer and a new episode arrived. I will keep an eye on this development.

Hi Ari,

I think I know what it is.
One of the features says “Download when not charging”. I had it off.
I only realised when I was using the app and I had it on the charger. Lo and behold, an episode came into to the downloads folder.
I cannot confirm it as yet. But it looks promising.

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Nice catch. I didn’t mention it because I thought that “Download when not charging” was the default.

Yes, it think it was but I must have turned it off.
Cheers :slight_smile: