Automatic backing up to nextcloud does not seemto reoccur

Automatic closing of topics is really annoying! Follow up to this:

I noticed that I only got one backup to Nextcloud and then it never uploaded a backup again. It has been twenty days. When I reenable the setting, it synces immediately.

It can be annoying, but it’s there for a reason. Of needed, we can always reopen and merge topics.

In this case, however, it’s good that you couldn’t post on the other topic because what you linked is a rejected feature request, while what you describe here is a bug. If this post had been there, then it wouldn’t have been followed properly.

Now, about this issue; you’re not the first one to notice: Automated export to nextcloud folder does not work (on android 14) · Issue #7218 · AntennaPod/AntennaPod · GitHub

As you may read there, I have experienced it as well also. What worked for me was manually deleting past back-ups from the folder, and then it started working.

How have you selected the folder? In the filepicker, did you use the Nextcloud app and then select the folder within the app, or did you use the phone’s local file picker?

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Eh, I tapped on the blue nextcloud and then choose a folder:

Does that answer your question? I guess I will only be able to tell if it started to work in 24 hours, no?

My phone is Samsung M51, Android 12. I think the file picker/file manager is different then on stock Android, but I am not sure.

P.S.: I had to rename my screenhost. What is wrong with that word???

Deleting files or folder did not help for me. Issue is still present

I’ve personally never ever used nextcloud, so that might be part in why it is hard for me to understand. Having read this thread and the GitHub issue has a great initial problem description including this error quoted message:

Caused by: Temp folder could not be created: /null/nextcloud/tmp/

The follow-up posts are a bit harder to follow. Are you saying that the path starting with null occur in the log whenever an unattended backup is attempted, but that backing up manually always work?


PS: GitHub Bug tracker (and log) is from me :wink: