Sync AntennaPod using Google Drive

It would be fine to be able to synchronize the AntennaPod using the own account space in Google Drive, as other apps have. I say this because the sync option is very useful, and Gpodder is not worling at all.

Can you please consider this possibility?

How are other cloud storage too? My guess is they all have same API to access from Android.

AntennaPod 3.4.0 will have automatic database exports to cloud storage (if the cloud storage provider supports the official Android API, which is unfortunately not the case for Google Drive). Actual synchronization is not possible with a simple file server because AntennaPod needs more complex requests on the server than just “give me the entire database”


Does that mean I can import the database on another device to mimic a synchronization, at least manually?

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Manually yes. But manual import/export is supported since many years already, there is nothing really new about it

@puigpuig This is a commonly asked question, by myself as well. This is what I saved to answer it in a previous discussion, and gives some insight into the issue.