Automatic deletion when manually marked as played

I have automatic deletion enabled once an episode is played. But this only works for episodes that I have listened to fully - if I mark an episode as played manually it does not automatically get deleted. How can I enable this?

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Yeah, marking as played just marks it really. That setting affects actual playback that completes an episode.

Have you tried using the Smart Mark as Played option in the Playback settings? This allows you to mark an episode as complete automatically without completely playing the episode.

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Yes, but this has a different purpose. If I listen to an episode and realise I am not interested in it and want it to be marked as played and automaticaly deleted, it is not possible…

There does seem to be a philosophical and semantic difference of opinion amongst people on this. Like you I am perfectly happy to mark as played anything I am not interested in and do not actually play. To others this seems like an anathema and this is the view reflected in the user interface.


I agree. It is logical is to remove an episode from the Queue once it is marked as played.
I just swipe left to remove the episode from the Queue. One motion vs two for marking “as played”

I think it’s a bit “wrong” to mark something as played that is not actually played. Instead, why don’t you set the swipe action in the queue to “delete” and enable the option to remove from the queue when deleted?

I want it to be marked as played though, for me it makes sense.


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