Add option to Mark as played removes from queue

Somewhere, probably in Settings>Playback>Queue,
could a setting to “Mark as played removes from queue” be added? This is in a way a follow up to Automatic deletion when manually marked as played

Some of my subscriptions are set up to automatically be added to the queue. However, I sometimes mark the new episodes as played in the subscription view, not in the queue. They are marked as played but are still in the queue and I need to manually remove them (my swipe actions are toggling queue and played, not deleting downloads, which supports automatic removal from queue, but I do not want to use).

There seems to be a split, where some people treat played/unplayed as dividing episodes into “definitely not interested in listening(becauseepisode was already lidstened to or because ir is uninteresting)/possibly interested in listening in the future”. Some others use it to only map the actual state of the episodes having been played or not (I wonder what they then use for the first distinction). For me this should actually be the default, but since different people use this differently, a setting seems to be in order?

If only there was a way to hide/archive episodes or otherwise indicate which ones we’re not interested in, instead of double dipping with the played status…