Option to hide/archive episodes

Perhaps this is not that relevant to adult listeners who typically listen (or skip) an episode only once, but for those with children, who like to listen to all episodes of a given podcast over and over again, it’d be super useful to hide, archive or somehow mark some episodes for not being included when adding all to the queue. Episodes dedicated to present the podcast, announce other podcasts, or that simply are not of interest, could be marked, archived or shelved away, so parents can simply add all to the queue, without having to filter them out every time.

I thought about something similar lately.

I have a podcast with >200 episodes that do not need to be listened in chronological order. I am slowly catching up by scrolling through the old episodes and picking an episode that interests me at the moment and download it.

There are some episodes that will NEVER interest me. They distract me only from the other episodes that are there to be listened sooner or later.

I would like to be able to HIDE these episodes.

The feature would work similar to flagging an episode as a favorite.
The filter would need a new entry: Hidden/not hidden

And the hiding feature could also be used to do what OP suggested.

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Not a perfect solution but assuming you are subscribed to the podcast, since you would seemingly be doing something to indicate these episodes should be hidden, for now couldn’t could you just toggle those episodes you will never listen to as played and then filter on that podcast by not played?

Thank you for the auggestion.
That would be possible but it would screw up my statistics.

It’s not a huge issue, but seeing that other users have a similar need I thought I would chime in

I work from the InBox, and download what I feel like listening to when I feel like listening to it. For the episodes I will never listen to I delete them from the InBox, which has no impact on stats.

I am pretty sure if you mark an episode as played from the Podcast feed screen, filter by played or not played, it would not mess with your stats.

The way Pocket Casts does this is extremely well. There is a simple option to limit the amount of new episodes to x and automatically mark all older ones as played. So for podcasts that update hourly, such as news updates, you’ll never see anything but the newest episode if you set it that way.

AntennaPod has this open issue for this request to keep only N number of episodes

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Adding a “not interested” status to episodes is tracked here: 'Refactor' episode statuses & introduce 'Ignored' status · Issue #5237 · AntennaPod/AntennaPod · GitHub


You missed this part :wink: