Can I bring Google podcasts over since they are going away?

Google podcast player is going away in a few months and you were recommended. Is there a way to bring my podcasts over without adding each one individually? Thank you

There is a tutorial here: Migrating from Google Podcasts to AntennaPod: why and how to do it – AntennaPod


Thought I’d mention that it’s even easier to get the OPML file now! They’ve added a notice in the Google Podcast app with a button to download the OPML file without having to visit Takeout.


Was limited to one image per post - here’s the notice that brought me to the above screen.

Thanks for letting us know @alyssajoy! I will update the blog post.


I came here as I’m moving from Google Podcast as well; but I can’t find out how to migrate my full database, including listening history, not just subscriptions?

Sadly I don’t think there is a way to export history from Google podcast. And even if there was as far as I know there is no way to import it to AntennaPod.


Thank you. Using Castbox and love it

I cant see an option to export from google podcasts. I downloaded the file from takeout but got an error message when trying to import it.

Looks like there should be a Export Subscriptions option at the top of the home screen of the Google Podcasts app or website…

There isn’t an option to export subscriptions at the top of the app for me.

If you downloaded the file from Takeout, you need to open it on a PC or file manager app and search for the subscriptions opml file inside the archive. You cannot import the zip file, just the opml file inside it.

I was able to export my OPML from Google podcasts, but it would not import into antennapod for some rea.

I pulled mine over and started using Castbox. Absolutely love it. Use it extensively daily.

Ty, Bill

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This sounds like the opml file is broken. Try re-downloading and extracting the zip file on a computer. If it still doesn’t work, feel free to send me the opml file (info@<my username>.com) and I can have a look.

Turns out Google generates invalid XML :frowning_face: If you open the file in a text editor and replace & with &amp; it should work.

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This issue on GitHub: Unable to import from Google Podcast OPML export · Issue #6884 · AntennaPod/AntennaPod · GitHub

@Jazz_Mine It seems that Google fixed the issues with the OPML files they export. If you haven’t moved over yet, you can try exporting the file from Google Podcasts and importing to AntennaPod again. It should work now.