Can't resume after pause and muted playback

App version: 2.7.1 (F-Droid)

Android version: 13. Custom rom crdroid 9.2

Device model: Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T (Ginkgo)

Expected behaviour: resume after a pause when pressing play. Play the next episode from the play list.

Current behaviour: when playing an episode, if I pause it, wait for a few minutes, try to resume the playback from the lockscreen, from the headset button, or from the notification tray, the icon switches from pause to play, but nothing plays. I have to open the app to press the play button for the playback to resume.

Also, when I have more than one episode in the playlist, the second episode starts but with no sound. Exactly like this issue Issues with android 13 and pixel 6 pro
I have to pause it, rewind and press play again from the app.

First occurred: since I updated my phone to android 13.

I have antennapod in the exceptions for battery optimisation.

Does this bug is known?

I have a Pixel 7 Pro. The only media player that works for me is “Built-in Android player (deprecated)”. I reported a similar issue that, when automatically beginning the next episode after the previous finishes, the play indicator would be moving but without sound. I would need to stop, rewind for those few seconds, then start again and it was ok. Changing which media player reduced the occurrence but did not eliminate. That was reported on a Pixel 6 Pro. Now that I have the Pixel 7 Pro it still happens but rarely.

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