Issues with android 13 and pixel 6 pro

I recently bought a new pixel 6 pro and it upgraded to android 13. I had a different phone with android 11 and sent that back which did not present the issues described here. I had android 9 for a number of years with no issues. I have AntennaPod version 2.6.2.

Issue 1) When playing a podcast, after a few minutes the volume starts to fade then the play stops. This is very strange. Volume just starts fading at a moderate rate, then quits. I have the phone in airplane mode and no battery optimization for the app. I made sure to identify and disable all optimizations I could find.

Issue 2) When an episode ends and it goes to another episode, there is no sound. Visually it looks like the episode is playing since time is incrementing with the pause button displayed. I touch pause, and it changes to a play button and when I touch play it continues with sound.

Issue 3) Sometimes when experiencing issue 2, I discover it has jumped to another episode without terminating the first. If I go to playback history I can find the previous episode and resume it, and it resumes where it left off.

These issues present a severe nuisance since if doing a workout I must stop and fix my phone.

Before using airplane mode, if a message arrived the beep might stop the podcast. I configured AntennaPod to not pause for interruptions and that seemed to help. It seems the sound or speaker resource is not controlled as well by AntennaPod, or, the API has changed. Using airplane mode helps though I may miss calls, and there are the three issues given above.

Sounds like you enabled the sleep timer. Press the zZz button on the player screen to disable it.

@ByteHamster , the sleep timer had auto-enable checked so yes, that caused playing to fade then stop. I never set that and was not aware of the feature. It must have had whatever random state following install and was not reset by an initialization routine.

Item 2 in my problem description remains an issue. I was in error saying episodes do not finish. An episode does finish, but the next episode begins playing with no sound. I touch the pause button, it changes to a play button, and I touch that and it resumes playing with sound. This happens if the screen goes blank, but if still lit and I’m watching there is no problem.

Using different different media players from settings/playback/mediaplayer had no effect on item 2.

I still think item 3 happens occasionally. I’m trying to replicate again.

Today sound stopped. I touched and illuminated the screen and found the playback screen locked. It was at the end of an episode. I could go to other screens but each time I went to the playback screen where it shows the episode with progress indicator and pause/play button, it was locked. Touching the pause/play button would not do anything. The pause/play button was showing an arrow. When I force stopped the app and cleared cache it worked ok.

I can mitigate my issue where the next episode in my queue begins playing, but without sound. When this happens I touch pause then play but must rewind to the beginning to hear anything missed. If I go to settings, playback, and choose “Built-in Android player (deprecated)” as the Media player, the problem has only happened one time. If I change Media player while an episode is playing the application will lock up when the episode ends, exhibiting issue 3 above. So, to change Media player I force stop the app, clear cache, make the change, force stop, and clear the cache again. Using “Sonic Media Player (deprecated)” did not help. It seems to be working good with “Built-in Android player (deprecated)” selected. I hope this option doesn’t go away since it says deprecated.

I did try changing Media player previously but failed to isolate what I was doing enough to prove anything.

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