Changing language of app?

After getting fed up of the recent issues with Podcast Addict, I’ve downloaded AntennaPod (now, to re-download several thousand episodes…).

The app is in Dutch, probably because I’m in the Netherlands.
However, I would very much prefer to have it in English; that would make searching for features, solutions etc so much easier!

I’ve poked around in the app settings and here on tne forum, but I can’t find anything; is there a way to change the app language to English?

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Hi and welcome to the forum. The app uses the language that your phone is set to. There is no option to change this.

Ok, I can toggle that.
Thank you!

Shouldn’t this be something relatively easy to implement? Many other apps have this feature.

Android does not have a “clean” way to make a language toggle. The system is meant to be used in a consistent language instead of having each app in its own language. While it is possible to add a toggle, one always needs to work around the system, which has the potential of creating a whole lot of issues.


Okay, that makes sense. As a non-developer, I didn’t know and was curious. I was looking at another app on my phone yesterday, with a much simpler interface than AP, and noticed in the settings there was a language toggle. So I didn’t know how complex it was.