Chapter images requested in AntennaPod

Don’t recall seeing this in requests. Will it be added to future releases?

AntennaPod already supports chapter images :slight_smile:

I’m missing it, I guess. I’m running 2.3.2 and I see the initial image but on podcasts like No Agenda where many images are attached as chapter images, it never changes from the initial image. It should be changing throughout the podcast. Do I need to click something to see the next one? Also, should I be able to zoom the chapter image? That would be nice because some have detail which cannot be appreciated.


I have to admit that starting with the 2.3 betas I’ve noticed there was something broken with the chapter images of the Lage der Nation podcast I never told about. I mean when turning the screen on again, the chapter image would appear for just a second, and then turning to the main Lage picture again, or never to be shown. The images were still included in the chapters tab as thumbnails.
At some point, I believe since 2.3.1, chapter images vanished completely from view. At least for me. Maybe an issue that only affects specific users?

I think I have to correct myself, this problems already began since the Version 2.2 betas…

Hi ziegenweg,
This may be part of my problem… where are the chapter tabs? Are they on all podcasts? Configured somewhere? And finally… can you zoom chapter images?

I think the problem lies rather in the fact that I seemingly encountered a bug and never reported it… (sorry for that at the developers…)
Either the chapter images are displayed or not. With chapter tab I mean just the chapter button you tab on to open the chapters list. And zooming the images wasn’t possible (or I missed something).

That podcast uses a chapter image specification that AntennaPod does not support yet. AntennaPod supports 3 of the 5 different formats as of now.

The images from “Lage der Nation” should be working (and they do work on my device).

Zooming is not supported but the current image is displayed over the whole screen width

I downloaded an episode of Lage der Nation and I do see the chapters icon. So the issue is No Agenda’s format is not supported yet. Thanks.

That’s strange. I switched back to the AAC Feed some time ago, because it wasn’t too important to me (should have reported if something is not propper working, though), and I suppose it’s correct chapter images aren’t in the aac feed?

I now subscribed to the mp3 feed again - an there they are, displayed on the player screen and in the chapters list. I don’t now why and how, but now everything I said in this thread is nonsense. :sweat_smile: :joy:
(At a quick look I couldn’t see anything wrong, like described as above.)