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Hi. Would it be possible to add Danish to the languages at Weblate? I am ready to translate :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome to the community forum! Yes, I’ll add it tonight.

There were some other languages that I tried adding earlier, but there was a bug in Weblate in that process. Luckily that was fixed so I believe it should go without problem now. Will let you know!

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It seems the language got added without problem :slight_smile: So go ahead and let me know if you experience any difficulties or have any questions!

Thanks! It seems to work fine so far. I notice that an anonymous user has already been adding several suggestions for translations. However as far as I can tell it is always just a direct copy of the automatic DeepL-translation. Not sure what the point of doing that is since those often need some editing to be correct?

@ERYpTION ,I think it’s a bot, not an anonymous user :wink:

Ok. I’m not sure I understand the point of that either though.

It’s a bit indeed. I turned it on so as a translator you only need to edit, instead of translating from scratch. Thought it might be easier. If you think it doesn’t help, though, I can also turn it off :slight_smile:

It’s a good idea. On certain well-translated sentences or simple words, it is much faster and more practical. Thank you @keunes !

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Certainly it can be a help using the DeepL, Microsoft Translator or Google Translate to get started. I am only saying that since the only thing the bot is doing is adding a suggestion by copying one of these automatic suggestions, I think it is just as easy for me to copy that myself when needed. Same number of clicks. Or am I missing something?

Theoretically it should save you two clicks: one to go to the ‘translation suggestions’ tab (don’t recall the exact name right now), and one to copy one of the proposals to the edit field. With the bot adding the translation, you immediately can start editing in the ‘translation’ field.
If I’m not mistaken :slight_smile:

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You mention that it is possible to immediately start editing in the translation field when using the bot. I don’t see this? I have to click the ‘suggestions’ tab and then can click an ‘accept’ symbol or ‘edit’. Only if I click the ‘edit’ symbol is the suggestion added to the translation field for editing.
So I still don’t see the advantage of the bot. As far as I can tell this is basically the same workflow if instead using ‘automatic translations’ where I can choose ‘copy’ (for editing) or ‘copy and save’ (accepting the suggestion). The ‘automatic suggestions’ tab remain open for the next string. So same number of clicks?
Anyway, I don’t mind mind the bot if other people find it helpful. I will learn to ignore the alert :+1:

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