Deep linking to search screen not working for me

Hi, Based on this thread, I understand that the URI /deeplink/search?query=xyz
is a valid URI to land on the search screen with the search string ‘xyz’.

(Note that I am not allowed to embed hyperlinks in my posts here so I have omitted mentioning the prefixing ‘https’ scheme and ‘’ host in the URI above)

I am trying to use this URI to direct a user from my custom android app to the AntennaPod search screen with the search query constructed in my custom app.

But whe I launch this URI from my custom android app, the search screen is not getting loaded correctly. The AntennaPod app opens alright, it even opens the search page correctly, but it seems to lose the value of the query string that is ‘xyz’ (in my example URI above). The search bar is hence empty, and no results are presented.

Appreciate if anyone could point out what I am doing wrong?

I looked at the source code ( and the AndroidManifest.xml config), and it seems pretty straightforward logic to me that has been implemented correctly. In fact, the other deep link handler in the same Main activity for the URI /deeplink/main?page=EPISODES" is working fine for me - my custom app correctly lands on the AntennaPod episodes screen. Its the query parameter for the search deeplink that somehow does not seem to be passed correctly.

What am I doing wrong, or what else could be going wrong that I should check?

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Apparently I broke the search deep link in #5338. Will be fixed in #6754.

I’m curious - what kind of app are you writing? :slight_smile:

Thank you! oh, how I would love to have a patch! :slight_smile:
Do you have a rough idea when this fix will be available on the playstore? The deeplink search is vital to my project. Let me explain why by way of response to your question on my custom app.

As background, we are a non-profit organization in the area of education technology, and a guiding principle for us is the use of Free and Open Source Software. As part of one of our programs this year, we are working on a number of audio-based digital learning lessons that will eventually get packaged up into podcasts. Timeline wise, this will be some time next month. The users of the podcasts will be school teachers. The teachers will have smartphones but not decent internet or desktop computers within the classroom. After considerable research, I have narrowed down to AntennaPod (AP) as a solution for delivering the digital content as podcasts and episodes.

The podcasts will be hosted on our server and teachers will download the content for offline, classroom use. AP is an excellent fit for us in many ways, and I am amazed at its rich capabilities and customizability (and special thanks for choosing the distributed/federated approach rather than bundling yet another online ‘service’)

Even to begin with, we are going to have multiple podcasts with dozens of episodes in each, and one key requirement is the ability for teachers to be able to easily search for the right podcast / episode within AP. We also want to be able to display a catalogue of the podcasts/episodes under various categories (like say Netflix does with genres).

While I have some feature suggestions for the AP (that I will write up and share later), what we are trying to do in the immediate term is create a very simple mobile interface with a catalogue of podcasts/episodes that will be searchable by podcast RSS categories. The categories could be subject, language, age suitable for and so on. The teacher should be able to identify individual podcast(s)/episode(s) easily via the categories and once they identify what they want, the approach is to deeplink from the individual catalogue item(s) to the corresponding podcast/episode in AP. At this point, the only way to get to an episode from my app seems to be via the AP search deeplink into the search screen. Then, once the teacher locates the episodes inside AP, they will work fully within AP…downloading the episode, custom tagging it, favorite’ing it, and so on, in addition to playing the episode within AP, of course.

Simply put, the custom app is a suitably customized search shell front-end for AP. This explains why the deeplink search is so critical for us :slight_smile:

If you or anyone in the community have better suggestions to help us get where we want using AP, I am very open to suggestions.

Lastly, I do have a question on the deep link search once the fix is released. If I deep link by providing a query parameter e.g. the episode name, I suppose the search bar will first get automatically populated with the episode name. In addition, will the search results also show up automatically? or, does the user have to explicitly tap ‘enter’ on the search screen to see the results?

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This sounds like it might be easier to just do changes to AntennaPod directly instead of writing a front-end around AntennaPod. As long as you publish the source code of your changed version, that is permitted under the general public license. However, keeping up with upstream changes in AntennaPod (some of them necessary to be able to still use the app on recent Android versions) is probably hard once you started changing parts of the app… Depends on how much you change :slight_smile:

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@ByteHamster we actually do not have the expertise/bandwidth to be able to understand the Antennapod codebase and make changes, hence decided on this approach as an tactical solution for now. In fact, we may even just do a PWA web app to start simple.

I do have a couple of questions, though.

  1. Could you let me know when this patch fix will become available on the playstore? We really need it, as I explained earlier :slight_smile:
  2. I have some suggestions for the search feature - where would you best like the enhancement request to be raised? (here, github or anywhere else?).
    Nothing custom, but as a summary - iif I map our requirements to something general, I think the app could allow viewing and searching by the podcast and episode level ‘category’ fields that are available in the RSS feed spec.
    Thanks much for what you guys do!

Not really. We are all doing this in our free time, so it depends on what else is happening in our lives (normal job, etc).

In this forum :slight_smile:

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